Sunday, September 30, 2007

First Day

I am so very excited about setting up my new blog. I am not very good at computer things, however I know if I am going to get this show on the road I better kick it up a notch. Things have been pretty busy these days. Dean and I are still working on the remodel of out tiny tiny home.Its really starting to come along. Sloan is now 7 and a very busy 7 at that. Zoe will be 2 in October and Aris just turned 3 months yesterday. I have found that my best times to work on art is when all my little ones are asleep. My little studio has become a corner in the kitchen. My wish is to someday have my own studio in a separate room of the house. For that we would need a wee bigger house. Someday. I haven't painted as much as I would like, due to the sporadic sleep schedule of little Aris. I'm driven and determined to keep creating despite the bumps in my road. I have started to make these little illustrations out of scrap booking paper and scrap booking supplies. It is something that I can accomplish in the spurts of time that I am allotted. The three smaller framed works are 4x4, the bird with a heart is 5x7. I will still keep painting, just on a project to project basis until little Air Bear isn't so demanding. Life is awesome and every day brings its own set of challenges and with those challenges many sweet rewards. I look forward to this whole new computer experience.

Your friend, Summer

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