Sunday, September 30, 2007

Halloween Carnival

I just started the piece for Sloan's Fall Festival at her school. Dean bought a brand new jig saw so that he could cut the board out and add the small detail elements I needed. His other one broke. This gave him a most excellent excuse to go and buy a new tool. I thought that I was going to do the cutting and the sanding, but you know how guys are with any new tool. He couldn't wait to try it out. I am trying to give this project a vintage feel. Pottery Barn Kids has some adorable Halloween decorations. They have a fabric Halloween cut out where you place your face and then someone takes a picture. I have always thought photo ops to be the epitome of cheesy fun. Who can't resist seeing what they would look like with an animal body, or as a pirate, or a mermaid? So I plan on painting it and then the frame will be added on before the carnival. The painting will consist of two pumpkin children walking. It will be done with a vintage Halloween flair. I am hoping to have it done by Tuesday. Wish me luck!

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