Monday, October 1, 2007

A busy day

Well, I didn't quite get the painting done. I did however get my rough sketch settled. Any artist knows this is half the battle. Tomorrow will be filled with painting, painting, and more painting. Zoe was so much fun today. She was my little shopping buddy at Target for diapers and wipes. Real fun stuff. Little Aris is not feeling very well. So we all took a nap before we had to go and pick up Sloan and Abby from school. It was some much needed sleep for all. The girls worked very hard on homework today and played in the back yard until Kirsten came to pick up Abby. Thank goodness I have such an awesome husband, he came home and fixed an awesome breakfast for dinner. It was super yummy. I think I will sign off now because I am pretty tired but tomorrow I will write more.

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