Friday, October 26, 2007

Two years ago today........

Zoe and I Last October in Ocala, Florida at D and Paulas Home

It is hard to believe that two years have passed so quickly. I truly believe that things have gone by so quickly because life has been so darn good, and well, happy. It's when the times are hard, or things are unpleasant that time crawls by at a painstakingly slow pace. Two years ago today is when my darling Zoe was brought into this world. I never thought I could love any other child as much as I love my Sloan. Zoe proved me wrong, as has my little Aris. It is amazing how large one's heart can grow. Zoe is my joy. She is Daddies little girl, and the little darling of the family. The copycat of Sloan, and the big sis to "Popeye" as she so affectionately calls Aris. Now she is turning two. We will be having a small party for her next Saturday, but I hope this is still a very fun day for my little Zozzers.

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