Saturday, January 26, 2008

Family days

I am feeling a ton better than yesterday. I think we all are. My voice still sounds super deep and raspy, but it could be that way for a couple of days. We just got back a few hours ago from our weekly run to Costco. These shopping trips always start out innocent enough. "We'll just get a few things!" is the most infamous quote. However this is almost impossible to do because almost everything comes in bulk. So even if you go in for one thing you walk out with two. This time we had coupons. With the coupons we saved $40. Which would have been awesome if we hadn't spent as much as we did. One culprit of the large purchase amount was a memory foam mattress cover. It was either that or a new mattress. We took the more affordable route this time. Dean and I are both hating our mattress. I think it is the main cause of all of our back pain, and neck pain, and headaches, and Deans arm constantly falling asleep, and my leg that sometimes falls off. Ha! got ya. Wanted to make sure you were paying attention. No, but for real we will be super excited to get a new bed one of these days. The good thing about this memory foam thing is even when we get rid of our retched mattress we can still use this on a new mattress.
Enough about beds. Sloan was finally able to use her Boarders gift certificate. Grandpa David and Roberta gave it to her for Christmas. She was able to buy the first Harry Potter book, the first Spiderwick Chronicle book, Utterly Me, By Clarice Bean (This is the artist and author of the Charlie and Lola cartoons on Disney Chanel), Dave Barry's Peter and the Starcatchers, and last but certainly not least The good Dog by Avi. Plus she finished off the card by purchasing a husky beany babies for herself and a kitten beanie babies for Zoe. Oh yea, she also bought a mini pack of highlighters to use for her art. She cleaned up with that gift certificate. Thanks so much David and Roberta.
We are now home, the girls are in bed and Dean is watching the X Games while I type. I am going to add a few layers of paint on my large canvas before I call it a day. Before I go I want to tall you about the latest link I added to my blog. It is The cart before the horse. They are a husband wife team of artists who make the most amazing art dolls. Their dolls are more like sculptures, so whimsical and creative. I am so inspired by these two talented artists. They sell their work on e-bay. I hope to own some of their art in the near future.
Look for some pictures tomorrow, my batteries were out of juice today.

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