Sunday, January 27, 2008


I could watch this a thousand times. One reason is, well she's mine. The second is I know she is growing so quickly. I hope all the grammas and grampas, uncles, aunties and whoever enjoy seeing a little peak at what I get to experience in my everyday life. I do truly feel blessed.


Rose Mary said...

Hi, Summer, I am Rose Mary, one of Cordwood Cabin's artists. I mostly do the traditional primitive items.
What an adorable baby! All of our neices and nephews have grown out of the baby stage, so I miss seeing the little ones.
You have a great blog. I've really enjoyed looking through your posts. Your artwork is so pretty!
I love making new blogging friends and am so happy to meet you.

Rose Mary said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi,Summer, Thank you for keeping us up todate. We are glad you all are on the way to feeling better. We miss you guys and look forward to spending some time with you again soon. Love David