Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A feeling of peace

The girls just goofing off.

I know that most people will look at this and think what a mess, but I feel I am doing pretty well at organizing considering I have fit toys for two girls in this small room.

Plus dresses for three girls.

The freshly cleaned room. These are most of the girls books.

The new kitchen. Isn't it so cute?

The beds were made and every toy box cleaned out. It took me just a few hours to get everything cleaned up. The room looks great.

Abby serving up the meal.

The girls playing in the "messy before cleaned" room.

I can't even express how good I feel at the moment. Not only was I able to get all the cleaning done, but I also read with my girls had dinner with my family,took a nap, and visited on the phone with my little sister Cristin. I should probably just call her my sister because shes 18, but It's a hard habit to break.Something really cool happened. Cordwood Cabin (one of the new links I added the other night) added a nice little paragraph about my blog today. It's a super motivator to keep working toward my goals and not give up.

I am sitting here listening to Ryan Adams radio on pandora.com. He's sort of a favorite of mine at the moment. Snow is falling. Everyone is asleep but me. I am going to sketch. I can't explain how peaceful it is right now in my home. I have had some ideas of sewing projects that I want to do eventually. I want to sketch them out before I forget, but I don't want to sew right now. I need to finish up the last eight hand print plaques for the JDRF. I also have that giant canvas sitting in the kitchen calling my name. Sewing is something I enjoy so much but right now I need to focus on my family and these other projects first.

The girls had so much fun playing with the kitchen today. As I promised I'm posting some pictures of the girls playing' plus some video of them dancing. You will have to forgive the jumpiness of the video, it's just my camera so the resolution stinks. Tomorrow I will post some art.

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