Monday, January 21, 2008

Snow Day

My dad used to always tell me, "The road to hell is paved with good intentions". Today I had the best intentions to take photos of the girls playing with their new kitchen, to get some art work done and to also finish filing the last few papers that I wanted to file. Of coarse none of those things ever happened. My days always seem to take on a life of their own. I guess with three little people, all with little agendas of their own, my needs are met when time allows. That is life.
The girls Dr.'s office called today and Sloan has strep again, then little Zoe woke up half way through her nap with a fever of 102.3. She was shaking and so sad. Once I gave her some Motrin she slept until a little past three. It was sooooooooooo nice because I was able to take a nap with the girls. I must say as lovely as all this snow is that we are getting, I can't wait for the spring and lovely weather. Mostly so we can all get healthy again.
I am hoping that tomorrow will be a more artfully productive day. I have all these ideas that I want to get down on paper. Things I want to sew and draw and paint. I know that family comes first. As much as I love doing my art I love being a mommy even more.
PS. No matter what I will post some art and pictures tomorrow!

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Cordwood Cabin said...

Thanks for being the first to post on our blog! We look forward to seeing your future posts, and seeing pictures of your artwork.
P.S. -- I love Sloan's "mixed media" piece below.