Sunday, January 13, 2008

A few photos before I sleep

This is Zoe's favorite thing to do now. She always takes her socks and shoes off and then puts her socks on her hands.

Sloan and Abby playing mommy with little Aris.

Zoe eating a little garlic roasted hummus with daddy.

I have to say that my throat is still quite sore, but I am feeling so much better than I have. I tried to download these photo's last night but for some reason I wasn't able to. Today was a perfect day. Popeye woke Dean and I up around 7:30 am. Then little Sloan and Zoe joined us a few minutes later. We all just talked and laughed for awhile and then Dean got out of bed and fixed us breakfast. How lucky are we? Makayla came over around two and we were able to visit with Erin and Amber for a bit while Erin tried to fix our printer. Dean took Sloan and Makayla to see a movie while I played with Aris and Zoe. Then Dean fixed a most yummy dinner of orange chicken with rice. The girls were dancing and playing after dinner until Makayla had to go home. I was also able to get a ton or organizing done once the girls went to bed.

This has been one of those really special days. I put a few new links on my blog today. If you have a few minutes on any given day, take some time to look at the links. Not all will be for everyone. All are filled with creative ideas and tons of talent. Tomorrow I will be starting my, "painting a day" series.

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