Monday, January 28, 2008

A good day for choclate chip pancakes

Zoe trying to do a somersault.

Dean with Aris.

Sloan with her "husky family". She dressed up all her dogs...........

and served them a delicious meal.

Cooker girl Zoe. She was bound and determined to put on her shoes all by herself.

Hey mom, take a picture of me with my husky!

Also with my lion. If I had allowed it you would have seen twenty different pictures of Sloan with all her different animal friends.

Popeye playing.

Abby and Sloan, BFF.

Dean and Zoe practicing their guitars.

I thought I would put some pictures from Friday thru Sunday. We are all feeling so much better. I still am a little congested but feel like I can get back to normal again. We had a lovely weekend and we were able to spend some time as a family just hanging around the house. Although we ran a few errands, for the most part we just took it easy. I think it helped in the recoup department. Dean is back at work and I think he is happy to be back to his work schedule. He can only stand a few days off at a time.

I woke up to a phone call at 5 am this morning saying we had a delayed start for all Washoe County Schools due to all the snowfall we recieved last night. It was nice because the girls and I slept in, and when we all woke up I made chocolate chip pancakes for the girls. Very healthy for all, especially since I have a diabetic daughter. Even Sloan deserves a super sugary breakfast once in a while. When I dropped Sloan off at school, I kid you not, there were about 100 semi trucks lined up along the road chaining up so they could get through the pass. The exit for Sloan's school just happens to be one of the last few exits before you go through Truckee. It was kind of cool to drive slowly past all these men who are chaining up not just two tires but 4-8 tires. It gives you a healthy respect for the job that they have to do. My dad drove trucks when I was a small girl.

Well time to go and pick up my little Sloan from school. I will try to post more, later.

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