Thursday, January 10, 2008

Old scraps and some vodka thrown in for good measure

This was a commissioned piece I did for my friend Kathe. Her fiance loves Stolie vodka so much he named his wymarang Stolie. The piece measured 2'x 4'.

My first attempt at scrap booking. I won a contest with this one.

My second attempt at scrap booking.

The letters are crooked in the picture above, so I added the one without crooked letters for good measure.

Third attempt. I also won a contest with this layout. I was tickled pink.

Fourth layout.

I thought I would pound the H E double hockey sticks out of the old adage, "Out with the old, in with the new." I figured I would post a few of the old scrap book pages I did in the past. Also included are some old paintings. So there are no more falling on, "I did a painting!" Like a year ago. I tend to fall on the fact that I have done work in the past. Sometimes I know this might seem silly but I scare myself into unproductiveness. I will lay it all on the line, I have the worst confidence in the world when it comes to many things. My creativity is sometimes my biggest nemesis. I don't know why I terrify myself into not painting or crating art. I am sometimes crippled with the fear of failure before I even start a piece. I probably need therapy, lots and lots of therapy.

So here's to dusting out the closet of "old work" and ringing in the new year with new work. Hopefully in this process I will come to the realization that I am way too hard on myself......we will see.

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sara ferrel said...

i love love LOVE your scrapbooking! the page you wrote for sloan made me tear up ^_^

by the way, my mom LOVED the bunny you made!