Saturday, January 5, 2008

A quick hello

A little early morning drum sesson.

Aris is very interested in Zoes playing.

The snow just started...........

and here is the street....................

David arrived last night safe and sound. The storm hit us and this morning it was so sunny and beautiful. Now it is snowing again. Dean has been working hard on keeping up with shoveling snow. In front of our home and being the good guy that he is he did our neighbors side walks also. This way there will be less ice built up on the side walk when the snow finally stops. Both the babies are asleep and Sloan is taking her shower right now. Dean and David are conversing in the kitchen. I thought it would be a perfect moment to take the time to write a few lines so I can visit tonight. We are all going to go to the bookstore when the girls wake up. It seems like a perfect thing to do on such a snowy day. I hope everyone is having a lovely day. I will write more later.

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