Friday, January 4, 2008

Sick, tired, but still a great day

Dean trying to get a head start on all the snow.

Blu and Abby in the snow. Blu is in seventh heaven with all this snow.

The verdict is still out for Abby. However, she does look super cute in this red down hoodie don't you think?

Hey cutie, you can come and shovel my snow anytime!

We are ready to rock out, Sloan will be on electric guitar, Dean and Zoe on drums. Aris and I will shake the tambourine.

A little project I have been trying to finish up. Organizing the remaining Cd's that I own. It's been quite a process. I am in the process of organizing all of my important papers into plastic sleeves and putting them into three ring binders. I am also doing this with Sloan's school papers and art work, my art and idea files, and recipes. Having such a small house and the fires in California prompted me to get things a little more together. I like the concept of being able to grab what I need if I need it. Plus I can't find a few important documents and I am hoping they will turn up in the process.


and more snow.

Popeye's first try at solid food.

She got more on her shirt than in her tummy.

Zoe wanted me to take her picture, what a little ham!

Daddy and Zoe just horsing around.

Little Sloan drawing her Spongebob characters.

I woke up this morning feeling terrible. My throat hurts, and my head hurts, and I want my mommy. Oh, wait.....I am the mommy. Oh well. Once I took some medicine it helped me to feel a bit better. As soon as it wears off I start to feel terrible again. So I just keep popping the cold and sinus medicine and everything is sooo much better. My friend Clair came by and gave me some vitamins and a special drink mix with a lot of vitamin c in it. She is so very kind and always thinking of others.

It started to rain early this afternoon, but the snow didn't start until about 4:45 this afternoon. It is sticking and there is a beautiful white blanket of snow covering everything. The storm is supposed to last for the next few days. We will see. We need this moisture so I am very glad that we are getting it.
We went as a family to the Guitar center. Dean got an amp for Sloan's electric guitar that uncle Ben and aunt Kristin gave her. She is so excited to start playing. We also got a DVD set on how to play guitar from Costco. I think all of us are going to try to learn how to play.

We are waiting for David to get into town right now. He just called and he should be here in the next hour or so. We are always happy to have family visit.

I am including a few pictures from the last two days. Forgive me if this entry is lame but I am not feeling so hot.

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