Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Zoe watching her favorite Blues clues.

My dear friend Kirsten holding little Aris

So I have decided that what I have done with this painting/art/creative goal is just set myself up for failure. Unless Dean wins the lottery and we can afford a nanny or a house keeper, I am having a really hard time fitting in all that I want to do with all that I need to do. No I am not giving up. I just have to realize that sometimes having three kids means my day has only a few minutes for the things that I want to do. So no more deadlines or putting pressure on myself if one night I am unable to do my art for as long as I would like. If my kids need me, well they come first. Today is one of those days. So I am all stressed out because I feel this pressure to create. I have been monster mommy tonight. That is not the kind of mom I want to be. It is early. Popeye is still up so I am going to get down on the floor and play with her for a while. Before I go I'm adding a few photo's, enjoy!

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Suzanne Eller (Suzie) said...

I'm a writer with deadlines, etc., and I have found that life is definitely more important. : ) It doesn't mean that your art isn't important, but it's smart to try to balance it all and take the pressure off. For me, that makes my writing fun and creative again, instead of a task.
I wish you the best!