Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Well folks I finally had a chance to sketch. No painting today. However I was able to spend a lot of time with little people today. I was able to watch my neighbors daughter, and at one point I am not kidding you all three little ones were crying. I fed Aris so she would go back to sleep, then picked up unhappy Haylie and took her with me to get sad little Dozers up. Although Zoe never went back to sleep (she woke up because of a poopy diaper) little Haylie fell asleep after I fed her some of her bottle. All the fussing made Zoe a little insicure so she just wanted me to hold her. When I picked Sloan up from school she was so angry and rude. Yes my daughter can be a real little monster sometimes. I had her test her sugar and I honestly thought her sugar level was going to be like 500 the way she was acting to me and everyone else. Nope. Sugar level was almost perfect. So she was just having major attitude problems. I adore my Sloan but she makes life so hard on herself sometimes. Even though I got Dozers and Sloan into bed by 8, Aris decided to scream bloody murder ever time I tried to put her to bed until almost 10. I will be honest, I sometimes feel on days like these that I am a horrible mommy. I love all my little pumpkins, but this was a very challenging day for me.
I did however manage to sketch once everyone went to sleep. It is a rough sketch for a painting. I really hope tomorrow can be a happier day for all my little ones. Until then, sleep well.

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