Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Big idea

I am working on a big idea that I had last night, for a children's book. It hit me as I was trying to fall asleep and then I couldn't sleep because all these ideas were running through my head. I am so tired and grumpy (with myself, not the kids) today. The kids are great, I am just frustrated for some reason. I can't seem to get as much done as I would like and then when it's time to sleep I feel to guilty to sleep because of all that I haven't finished during the day.........I know a little obsessive. I am hoping that when I get the double jogger I have been begging for, I will feel tired because I will be getting lots of exercise. I always sleep better when I have exercised during the day, plus I feel like I honestly have gained 30 more lbs. Very frustrated. Does anyone have some chocolate? OK I will quit my lame pity party and try to go take a nap. I promise to post some pictures of the little one's tonight. Also look for the finished Chloe cupcake tonight.


Rose Mary said...

Chloe Cupcake is adorable!!! I love the bright colors like the green and cherry. Good to hear the baby is feeling a little better. The workshop you saw in the photos, by the way, is a big mess right now with all the sawdust and cut-off boards...but we really need a bigger space for the fabric work and for all the dolls (and their half-finished friends, of course). -- Eliza at Cordwood Cabin

Rose Mary said...

Oh, good luck on the book idea! Chocolate sounds pretty good to me right now, but none in sight:( Have a great day, Summer!