Saturday, February 9, 2008

Dress up and a Lazy day

Zoe was not so graceful in her hula outfit. She reminded me more of the male hula dancers.

My little hula girls.

Dress up Zoe.

Sloan has been begging me to get dress up out for a couple of weeks now. I promised her I would on Saturday. The girls had so much fun, as you will see in the videos below. Hope you all enjoy.


Eliza at Cordwood Cabin said...

Maurice is one of my favorites too...Higgelty Piggelty Pop is the most adorable...and there's one he illustrated about a wolf attending a pig theater, but I can never remember its name.

Your hula pictures are adorable. I always meant to make a set of hula girl dolls (the bowl filler types we call "Pocket Prims"). If I ever do, I'll have to send you guys a set for your shelf. Take care and keep up the great artwork!!

Summer Swanson said...

I can't remember the title for that book either. I know what book you are talking about too. My favorite record to listen to as a little girl was Carol King's I'm really Rosie. She sang all the songs to the Nutshell Library books. I still have my Little Nutshell Library set. I purchased a new one for Sloan when she was younger so she could have her own. I will find out about that title, it will drive me crazy untill I do.