Thursday, February 28, 2008

Todays work

The second coat of primer and first coat of paint! I was dancing in the kitchen. I am so excited.

Dean working on the doors in the garage. He had to roll out a few places the sprayer messed up.

Our pile of materials. Oops! Please don't mind the pile of unfinished paintings. They will be done, one of these days.

I finally cleaned out all of our things from the old kitchen drawers and put them in their new drawers. Doesn't that pile of pots almost look like a little pot person? Maybe the paint is getting to me.

And last but not least here is a sample of the tiles we will be using for our new counter tops. They are marble and I think they are going to look so beautiful when all is said and done. We decided to use the Ralph Lauren color "Master Room" to paint the cab's. We had chosen the Ralph Lauren color "Crosby". "Crosby" looked great in the Home Depot, but when we got it home and I made up sample boards and test spots on the cab's, well let's just say the color looked a little like doo doo brown (sorry mom) but it looked like poop from a baby's diaper. Who comes up with the names for the color's anyway? The only thing I can think is all the paint naming people were sitting around a table and they were like, " What about this color? Oh, it looks like doo doo brown. We can't call it "Doo Doo Brown" we want people to buy this color remember! Oh yeah. How about "Crosby"? Where did you come up with that one? Well I have this little nephew named "Crosby" and I had to change his diaper the other day and , OK enough said! The color will officially be known from this day forward as "Crosby". All of this of conversation would take place with extremely thick English accents. Anyway I digress. We won't however be wasting this extremely expensive can of paint. Although "Crosby" looked terrible on the cab's it looks delightful on the wall. Sooooooooooooo we will use it on one wall as an accent wall.

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Brennan said...

holy molie! you got me so excited! ican't wait till it's finished