Saturday, March 1, 2008

Monkey socks and 2 new pairs of shoes

The new clogs. Sloan liked these because they look just like my Simples.

Zoe wanted to look just like I want to look like a younger version of myself!

The Teva's. I love the little flower details on these.

Sloan took this picture of her new monkey socks.

This was a super busy day. I woke up late, had somewhere to be an hour after I woke up. Three kids to get ready + myself in less than an hour. My only saving grace was the fact that where we were going had breakfast. We got there on time. It would have never happened if we had to eat before we left. After the little get together was over I took Sloan and Abby to a birthday party, came home and put the girls down for a nap, woke up went to the store for diapers, picked up the girls from the party, drove home, fixed dinner, put kids in the tub, took Abby home, and picked up outdoor furniture that my friend Carla gave us. When Sloan and I went to drop off Abby and pick up the outdoor furniture we had a chance to spend some special time just her and I. Sloan has been complaining lately that I never spend time with just her. It was just her and I for almost 5 years. Now she shares me with Dean, Zoe and Aris. It is such a blessing that I met someone like Dean. Sloan adores him and her little sisters, I just think sometimes she feels like I spend more time with the little ones than I do with her.
We had so much fun after we dropped Abby off. Sloan needed new shoes and we went to look for some. I found her two pairs. A pair of clogs at famous footwear for $5 and a really cute pair of Teva's for $10. Good shoe deals aside Sloan and I had so much fun. She is turning into such a beautiful little person. Sloan has a really great sense of humor. Sometimes she says things that are too funny. I love my little Sloan so very much. It was a great way to end a very crazy and hurried day.
P.S. Sloan picked out cute monkey socks to go with her shoes. We both love monkeys.

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Sitting Pretty Studio said...

Tell me about Sloan's dress. It is absolutely adorable! Do you feel guilt when Sloan says she's not getting enought time. I know I do when Jolie says that. She,to, is going through a phase of feeling that way. I am doing the best I can to do stuff with her, but the guilt is feeling overwhelming. Let me know if you find a good way to sneak in extra special time!