Friday, February 22, 2008

Vintage dresses for Zoe

When I picked up the girls from school today I didn't want to come straight home. So we went to two different thrift stores. The girls were so excited, go figure, and wanted to buy everything because it didn't cost very much. At Savers, I managed to leave with a very nice wooden magnet Thomas the Tank Train story board. Zoe loves it and it will be perfect to take to Church for a quiet toy or for her to play with it at home. At Goodwill I found three of the most adorable vintage dresses for Zoe, a gap skort to match a gap shirt I already have for Sloan (90 cents), and two little things for Aris. The dresses look amazing for as old as they are. No stains or fading. I am almost positive they are from the early 70's. She looks too cute in them. The little green one that I bought I plan on making a cute sash and a hair band to match the dress. The other two dresses will be perfect for the upcoming warm weather.
Tonight Abby and Sloan had so much fun. All I heard all night long were tons of giggles. They had a blast drawing their dream rooms and then singing and dancing. Tomorrow Sloan has a play date with Abby. Well Dean is home and I am going to visit with him for a little while. I will post some video and pictures of the cute thrift store finds tomorrow. Sleep well all.

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