Thursday, February 21, 2008

Chloe Cupcake, take a bow!

Well folks here she is, the darling little "Chloe Cupcake". I am starting a rabbit for my friend Kim's granddaughter, Audrey. I was Kim's TA all last school year. Audrey is so adorable! She just turned one a few weeks ago. I gave the alligator illustration to the girls pediatrician when I took Sloan to the the Dr. this week. Dr. Kielty has had two children at the same time as me, and I always wanted to make something for her two boys, I thought this would be OK to give her. Dr. Kielty has always been so good to my girls, she has even come to one of the art shows I was in. She is a very caring physician.

This has been a good day, Sloan and I were able to spend a little special time together. She made a coment the other night that I never spend time with her anymore, it made me feel so guilty. It is hard to give everyone equal time. There are so many nights I go to sleep counting all the ways I failed my children, didn't give enough hugs, lost my temper at the end of the day and so on and so forth. Sometimes I wish there was a "How to" book that came with each child. I guess that is where prayer comes in. God knows my little one's and their needs better than I ever will hope to.

Speaking of little one's Aris just woke up so I need to go nurse her and hopefully Dean and I can get a good nights sleep.

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