Saturday, March 8, 2008

Don't read this if you have a weak stomach

So the big surprise was..................Cristin came to visit. It is so fun to see her. The girls have crawled all over her all day long. They adore her. It's hard not to, she is such a sweetie. Dean and I and the girls took Cristin to BJ's Brewery tonight. They have the best most yummiest food. Dinner was awesome! When we got home Dean was like Zoe barfed. No way! Are you serious? Yup. On the way home she started jubberjabbering to Dean and he looked over at her and she was covered in mac and cheese and chewed up fries. The really funny part of this whole scenario is when I put Zoe into the tub and I took off all her barfy clothes, a little chunk of barf fell into the tub and she just started screaming. She doesn't like stuff to be out of order, I seriously think the chunk of barf sent her over the edge. It was so sad but all I could do is laugh. Horrible huh? I would rather laugh when things are going that crazy. All the girls are in bed now and I am going to sign off so that I can visit with my sister. Take care.

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