Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter pictures

Zoe' basket

My two little Easter bunnies!

Sloan's basket

Sloan's My little Ponies that the Bunny brought in her basket.

Zoe with her "Melmo" crayon bag.

Sloan's Magic Tree House book and sketch book that the Bunny put in her basket.

The girls coloring with Zoe new tub crayons that the Bunny put in her basket.

Aris and Dean slept through all the festivities. It's OK because Aris doesn't even know what Easter is and Dean needed the sleep. Hope you enjoy the last of the Easter pics!

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Anonymous said...

Loved them!!! I can begin my day with precious pictures of my darlings. Can't think of anything better. Thank you Summie.
Love ya,