Monday, March 24, 2008

A hint of home

(I like to add cut up bacon also)

This is one of my favorite recipe's to make. My Aunt Paula used to make this for family get togethers when I lived back in Florida. Hers tastes better than mine, however every time I make this salad it tastes better than the time before. Each time I make this it is gone super fast. Dean even likes it, and he doesn't really care for potato salad at all. I always think of my family back in Florida but holidays really make me miss everyone tons. Little things like this are happy reminders of family. I am grateful to have so many great memories of family I can think about on holidays without them.


jeffoehmen said...

hey, beautiful family and love your art. thanks for the compliments! hope all is well. (looks like its going great!)


Cordwood Cabin said...

That potato recipe sounds fantastic! My grandmother's recipe, lost somewhere in our cookbooks, makes potato salad in bulk (for twenty or more people) so, needless to say, we only use it when there's a really big family gathering. -- Eliza