Friday, April 18, 2008

8 Miles (not the movie)

Well the first week of walking is coming to an end. So far I have walked 8 miles. It would have been 10 but Wednesday was a wash due to my neck pain. I am hoping to walk tomorrow also if possible. Dean and Tony will be doing yard work and maybe Sarah will want to bring Hailey along. I had someone ask me if I was pregnant yesterday. Ohhhh smack in the face! Never mind shes the weird drunken neighbor (she lives in a small house behind our nice next door neighbor) the comment still hurt. The crazy thing is I have actually lost some weight. I guess its time to up the crunch count. After your third child things just take a little longer to get back into shape. I will just keep truckin' and working out and walking. On a more pleasant note I had the pleasure of meeting a nice mom and her little son while we were at the Marina on the playground this morning. She told me about a Sparks playgroup and she said she would e-mail me some info on it. It is always fun to meet other mom's and little one's. Hope everyone is having a great Friday.

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