Friday, April 18, 2008

Painting progress

Well here is the first layer of paints. I showed this part of the canvas a few weeks back. I had started the painting the night Zoe started throwing up, and then followed with a week of random barfing. I will not rehash as I have already touched on that unpleasant experience in a past post. I am just now getting to the painting again these past few days. When I paint my abstract paintings it is a process of layer's and more layer's of paint.

Here I have taken the red paint and added some more texture. I use a lot of the same techniques you would use for faux painting, I just apply them to the board. The more texture the better.

This next step is a lot of fun. I take a few of my accent colors and water them down quite a bit and then I start the "dripping" process. When I get to this part of the painting I paint thick lines or squiggles of paint and let it drip. I am constantly flipping the board so that the drips can go several different ways before they stop.

Here is where I am at the moment. I got to this point last night but had no batteries for the camera. I will be taking pictures of the process until the painting is finished. Please feel free to comment on what you think is working or not working. Just remember it's still got a ways to go before it is done.

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