Monday, May 19, 2008

A Sneek Peek

This was my first attempt at making doll clothes. I went to Joann's fabric store and purchased some vintage reprint patterns for doll clothes. The pattern I chose to use was for a romper but I thought it was to plain and modified it into a swimsuit complete with ruffle on the bum. The first on I did was smaller than the other three. It is for Zoe' soft bodied Madam Alexander doll. The other three are for American Girl dolls. The first one took me almost 4 hours to make. The other three I finished in almost 3 hours. So how do I feel about the whole process? Well, it was fun and I will do it again. However it is very time consuming to make these tiny little outfits. Hopefully the little girls will all have a blast playing with these for years to come. I would do another doll clothes swap again. I will take a picture of all the finished swimsuits tonight and post it tomorrow. I am off to watch a movie. Goodnight all!

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Anonymous said...

This is your ol' art teacher Mister "Y". I just stopped in to say "WOW!" What wonderful art, what beautiful children. God is good!
I have been looking at art on "Juxtapoz", you are as good as anyone I've seen on there. I love the retro 50's feel. I will huntdown some cool links I have found that may be fun for you look at and and be inspired by.