Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Mr. Y!

Mr. Y this ones for you! Happy birthday star wars! Oh by the way, its 31 years this year.

Oh my! How awesome! My favorite art teacher Mr. Y just posted a comment on my blog. Mr. Y is the reason I went into art. He was my high school art teacher. One of those teachers they make movies about because they inspire students to think outside the box and in a gentle way encourage you to dream a little bigger, and believe in yourself. I come from a long line of "Sloan kids" to take art from Mr. Y. My brother Isaac, sister Cristin and I all took his art classes. Brennan will start art with him next year and she can't wait.

Mr. Y has an amazing wife and I think 5 amazing kids. Oh did I mention he is an avid Star Wars fan? Mr. Y I still have that giant Yoda cut out I need to send your way. There are so many friends that I went to art classes with and they went on to go to art schools and pursue fields in the arts. I know all would agree that Mr. Y was an intricate part of their learning process, and without his encouragement they might have chosen a different field.

I look forward to getting those links for the art sites from you and thanks for your encouragement on the new stuff I have been working on. Mr. Y thanks for being such an inspiration to me and my family and to all the other students that you have inspired along the way. The world could use more teachers like you.

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