Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Support group

Tonight Sloan and I were able to attend the last juvenile diabetes support group of the season before summer break. It was very informative as always. They do a really nice job of these meetings and always have fun crafts for the kids to do.
Today in the car Zoe and I had a discussion about how Sloan has diabetes, but she doesn't. Zoe is constantly saying she feels shaky, or she needs her shots. When Sloan takes her shots, Zoe will take the lid off the insulin pen and pretend to give herself a shot in the belly "Just like Sissy". When she tells us "I'm shaky" Dean and I kind of laugh but it is fascinating, as little as Zoe is she is very in tune to Sloan and her Diabetes. I have tested Zoe' sugar two different times because I just wanted to make sure she had normal levels, and her pediatrician suggested it. Her sugar was normal both times. Zoe was so excited to test her sugar, and didn't cry or flinch when we pricked her finger. I actually caught her two different times in the process of testing her sugar with Sloan's kit.I had to talk to Zoe about how she didn't need to test her sugar, she assured me I was wrong. I had to talk to Sloan about putting her tester up so Zoe or Aris wouldn't get hurt. Zoe looks up to her sister soooo much. I love my girls. I hope some day Sloan won't have to worry about shot's and tests and highs and lows. Someday they will find a cure. I hope it is sooner than later.

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