Thursday, June 5, 2008

Quilt Progress

Here are the squares thus far.

This one is the biggest piece, I am going to sketch out how I want to put everything together.

Oh, and here is the fabric for the curtains in the girls room. I have had this fabric for years. I already lined it and everything years ago when Sloan was just a baby. Some how I never got around to finishing them. Now I have a little home to hang them in, it just doesn't seem right to leave them unfinished any longer. Time to give these little Scottie dogs a home.

Sloan is almost done with school, just one more week and she will be out for a little over a month. I am ready for the break. It will be nice to wake up and instead of taking her to school we can go to the Marina early before it gets too hot. Another nice thing about her break is that I can nap with the girls (if I want) and I don't have to set an alarm to wake up the girls or myself. We can sleep and wake up whenever (within reason....of coarse). Sloan and I can do art together without the worries of homework or early bed times because there is no school the next day. Can you tell I am excited about this break?

Abby however, is not on year round like Sloan. All other schools are already out for the summer. So Abby hung out with me and the little Zoe and Mypye. We went to one of the local quilting stores to get a yard of fabric to use as backing on Sloan's quilt. They kind of looked at me like I was from another planet when I asked them about the particular Amy Butler fabric. I even showed them what it looked like on line and they were kind of like, I have never seen that fabric it might not even be an Amy Butler fabric. So feeling like a total dumb ass (sorry mom) I went home and e-mailed the nice lady at eBay, whom I bought these quilt squares from. She mailed me back a little later to let me know they were the newest line and most retailers hadn't even gotten them yet. Ha Ha! I am normally not one to rub a told you so in someones face, but I guess I am a little brazen in my old age. I called up that quilt shop and let them know about the email and I wondered if they would be getting any of this fabric in so I could buy local instead of online. Funny how once I mentioned the Amy Butler website had my fabric on the main page they had it on order and should be getting it any day now. Why was the answer different in the afternoon from the morning visit. It irritated me a bit. Then I realized hey I have this cool fabric before they do! I am not irritated anymore. Just have to wait until they get the fabric in before I finish Sloan's quilt or I can try to buy 1 yard off of the same nice lady on eBay. Oh I forgot to mention the happy ending to this whole story. When I purchased my 38 5" squares I only paid $11. I know that is way less than I would have paid in the upscale quilting store.

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Jo James said...

Ooooooh, quilty fun!
I'm hoping to have time soon to play around with some flannel scraps I have hanging around for a cuddly quilt. My family complains that all the quilts I make (All TWO of them) are too small. (They're just lap quilts.) That's all I can handle though.

Thanks for your nice comments on my blog.
I know Yellena is having a show in SF at Giant Robot this month. While she's off gallivanting with arty types, I'll be here cleaning her cat's litter box ;)
Is this what you're talking about, or is she somewhere else too?