Saturday, June 7, 2008

Yard Sale Treasures and Generosity

$2 for both containers.

$1, Aris loves it, and I have other toys from this same Fisher Price line. I like having sets of things.

$1 It had a $2 sticker on it, but it needs a lot of cleaning. So I offered less and they accepted. It needs a good scrubbing, but other than that it is in great condition. Nothing is broken or missing. Plus the super cool thing is it folds up for easy storage. Something that is very important for our small home. Until I get the girls some Fisher Price furniture for this Sloan and Zoe can use her little Barbie children.

Tractor $3 and golf caddy $1. Zoe is in heaven.

$2 for all three pillows. They are made of super soft lovely velvet with ribbon and embroidery. They also have zipper enclosures and are filled with down inserts, not cotton or poly fill.

$1 Tupperware party server tray. I have seen women bring these to parties, baby showers, and picnics for as long as I can remember. I know it seems silly but I always wanted one. Well now I have one. Lucky me!

These two vintage board games I bought for $1 each. They actually have all the pieces and are like brand new in the the original box.

Here it is! The $5 telescope. Sloan can hardly wait for us to get the new lens.

All these books $5. I can hardly stand it. This is like hitting the jackpot of all jackpots! I love children's books and vintage children's books are simply too yummy. These will be enjoyed for years to come.

I just arrived home a little while ago. My dear friend Carla (Aris Auntie) called me this morning and let me know the annual Double Diamond yard sales were going on. Anyone who knows me well knows how much I love a great bargain. I have to buy things on sale, and when I pay full price once in a while for clothes, I feel horribly guilty. Today I found the most amazing bargains. They are all listed above, so I won't ramble on about them again. However I would like to mention the kindness of strangers. The very last yard sale we drove by had a telescope and tons of stuffed animals. Sloan freaked out, "Mom stop and ask that guy if he will sell the telescope for 25 cent!". I proceeded to tell Sloan that it was a very expensive item and I was sure it cost at least $100. She insisted that I stop and ask anyway. So I stopped and told the nice guy that my daughter wanted me to ask if the telescope was 25 cents, and that she didn't really understand the value of money quite yet. I kind of giggled because Sloan just doesn't get it sometimes. Surprisingly enough the kind man gave the telescope to us for $5 dollars. It just needs a new lens. I also purchased a whole stack of vintage books for the girls from the same sale. They were so nice to my girls and I am so grateful for all the fun things we got.

P.S.I also bought a brand new shower curtain $3 and a darling Clifford slide for Zoe for $5.

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