Monday, July 7, 2008


I did a little research and found out that the artist for the cute little paper dolls of Oliver+S (shown below) is none other than talented illustrator Dan Andreasen. I found more of his work when I googled his name. I love his art. He has illustrated many children's and chapter books. 
I found this darling site quite a while back, wrote the info down on my paper of things to blog about, paper is somewhere in my giant pile of things to look through. So while I was looking around the Internet this weekend, I happened upon Oliver+S again. I decided to post about this delightful site before I misplaced my brain again. The patterns are so cute. They are also having a summer special, free shipping on all patterns. They run about $15 a pattern. If you are an avid sewer and would make more than one outfit with the pattern, it could be a justifiable purchase. I plan on buying one as soon as my sewing machine is working properly again. I have added this site to my links. Go check it out. 

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Sitting Pretty Studio said...

Hello! I actually got the information about being able to buy Oliver + S patterns wholesale for $8 each. We should totally rally up some people to go in on an order!