Friday, July 4, 2008

The Run!

We were greeted by this fun sight. Free balloon rides for all. It was such a pretty site to see first thing in the morning. Very unexpected.

Here we are, Melanie & myself right before the run. We jogged and walked and finished in 48 minutes. Not a great time by any means, but we finished and that's what matters.

The run was at the Sparks Marina. They had a ton of fun activities going on for families and I am almost positive once the sun goes down they have a nice little fire works display. This picture is of a homemade boat race. Can you say "Total blast"?

This run made me want to kick it up a notch. I am so blessed to have a great friend to walk with every morning. It is helpful to have someone to be accountable to for your morning workouts. I will admit there are some mornings I would much rather sleep in. We are already planning another run, this next one we want to beat our time and run for more of the race. I will keep you posted. I am most excited that I have met the first part of one of my goals I set for myself this year. Yeah!

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