Saturday, August 2, 2008

Burnt Cedar Beach at Lake Tahoe

Pictures just don't do the lake justice. It is one of the most beautiful places I have been. The fact that I had the privilege of working up at the lake for over two years just blows me away. This is the point (the land to the side of the beach) where Dean and I were married.

Yes the lake is that blue. The above photos were not retouched or color enhanced in any way.

We brought up some delicious ribs from Butcher Boy Meat and Deli. It's a local deli right around the corner from our house. They carry specialty meat and cheeses and cooking items that are hard to find in your local market. The crazy thing is, we live in kind of an older neighborhood, (Dean and I call it the Sparks Ghetto). It's not a bad neighborhood, just has a lot of room for improvement. So I consider it an odd place for such an expensive specialty store. The meat is always delicious and a super yummy treat when we get together with family or friends. Everyone brought something yummy for the BBQ. The meal was delicious.

Burnt Cedar Beach is a private beach. If you are not a local you can only come in if you are the guest of a local. I understand why they have these beaches, but I don't know if I necessarily agree with them. However they have a lovely heated pool and the girls had a blast swimming.

The BBQ pit that we made dinner at (in the background) was the same place we had our wedding reception at.

Aris with a thoughtful look.

The family

Our friends Brian & Trisha


Liz and little TJ

My little Sloan. She is such a ham in the following pictures.

Little Katie

Aris playing in the sand.


I love this picture.

Zoe kicking it Karate Kid style Yo!

Aris enjoying the finer taste of Tahoe sand.


If these last two pictures don't make you want to pack up your house quit your job and move or at least visit Lake Tahoe, I don't know what would. I would be a happy girl ending my day with a sunset like this every night. If you do ever decide to visit the lake, let me know. I would be happy to point out some of the hidden hot spots for yummy food and family fun that only the locals usually know about.


Dana said...

Amazing trip by the looks of it. My Dad lives in Placerville, CA so sometimes takes his canoe to Tahoe. Lovely.

Oh, and I just love your art and stuff that you show on your blog. Do you not have an Etsy store?? And if not, why not? :)

mysteryhistorymom said...

What a fabulous trip! I love your pictures, especially the one of all of you together. What a beautiful location for your wedding!:-) Lori

sara ferrel said...

oh my, i had to do a double-take of that picture of sloan in the pool... she looks just like you!

awesome pictures! glad you guys have a good weekend! we'll have to get together soon and get caught up. xoxoxo

zana said...

I love, love, love these pictures of your family! Wish we were there with you guys!