Saturday, August 2, 2008

Lake Tahoe

Photo by: Charles Shaprio

We are heading up to the lake in a little while. I am very excited because I haven't been to the lake in almost two years. Considering I used to work up at the lake in Incline Village, and I made the drive everyday, it's pretty sad. We are going to meet our very good friends Justin & Liz and their two kids at Burnt Cedar Beach. Burnt Cedar Beach is so special to me. It's where Dean and I got married. My boss at the time, Keri, was kind enough to pretty much put the whole wedding together. She is so talented, and really knows how to throw a party. One of our clients was such a sweetie. She payed for the wedding cake. Dean's boss and Keri payed for all the food and beverages for the reception. The reception was a BBQ on the beach. It was so laid back and an absolutely perfect day. We had people come up to us for months after the celebration, telling us what a fun and special day it was for them. 
Dean and I were blessed to have both sides of his family attend the wedding. My only sadness about the day was that none of my family could attend. I really wish even one person from my family could have been a part of our special day. Most all of my family lives in Florida or Canada. It would have been so expensive for them to come out here. I am so excited to go up to the lake. It's Zoe' first time up there since she was a newborn & Aris' very first time to visit. It will hopefully be a special family day. I will post some pictures of our trip. Hope everyone is having a fun weekend also. 

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