Monday, August 18, 2008

Hello Etsy!!!!!!

Here it is folks, the first item up for sale in my new shop!

Well it's official, the store is up! However I am not ready for the big reveal quite yet. I have a few kinks to work out first, like almost everything. So if you do decide to take a sneak peak at it right now, please forgive me for the lack of a more polished look that I am trying to achieve. Plus I don't know how to link my Etsy shop to my blog and I have a million other questions to figure out tomorrow. Hope all is well and I look forward to getting some constructive (go easy on me) criticism when all is said and done.


Sharon Carpenter said...

Wow!! that looks great, i love the frame!

Christina Joy said...

Fellow crafter~ I feel your anxiety! Good luck with the big opening! I'll check out your store if you check out mine! :)