Monday, August 18, 2008


This is my newest most favoritest thing in the whole wide world. Anyone who has seen my feet knows that this was a much needed purchase. My husband just informed me that my nasty feet really needed this. Ahhh yes, how I love Dean's brutal honesty. No I really do. When he tells me I'm beautiful, I know he really means it.


zana said...

You crack me up! I saw this at Walgreens a few days ago and just laughed...Now I know it works!

Farmchick said...

I found my way to you via Summerstead blog.....I saw the pedegg post and I just had to come over to see!!! I have looked at those things numerous times...always wondering if they worked! Now I know! THANKS. Stop in and visit me sometime.

Tammy said...

I found my way to you by Firefly Hill Style. Am enjoying your art and posts v. much. AND, I saw this post and remembered I, too, have foot issues, and immediately googled pedegg, saw that it got great reviews around the net, and I ordered one (two, buy one get one free, kind of)!! btw, I love your husband's honesty; and you're right, when he says you look good, you know that indeed you do!