Sunday, August 10, 2008

Hot August Nights

These were such a pretty candy apple red. One of my favorite colors.

Deans favorite kind of classic car. So if I ever make it someday and have money to blow on something I don't need, I will buy him one.

This nice guy was willing to let me take a picture of the girls in his car. Sloan wouldn't go and Zoe got scared. I wanted to sit in it, but I didn't want to seem like a bigger cheese head than I already am.

Another of Dean's favorites. The paint job on this one was very nice.

If I had a choice between this car or my Honda pilot, I would drive this in a heartbeat. I "heart" this classic car. It was one of my favorites.

This is my other favorite. So fun. This family is at the event every year. Always laughing and having a blast. I would totally sport this lovely ride also. Someday, yes someday.

Whenever I see one of these I think of the Muppet's.

This was the original sales printout for The Judge. The total sale was around 4,500. Brand spankin' new. Dean and I giggled. I am sure back then it seemed like a lot. Wish we could find a beauty like the one below for that much now. 

Sometimes people try to paint flames on cars or trucks and it just looks so stupid if you don't do it right. These flames however look really nice.

This was Sloan's favorite because she thought it looked like the Magic School Bus. From the Magic School Bus books.

Last night we went to Hot August Nights at The Grand Sierra Resort here in Reno. Hot August Nights is a gathering for anyone who loves vintage and classic cars. This was the 22nd year they have had the celebration. It is a huge deal here in Reno. People come from all over the country to show their restored classic cars. I am normally not that interested in cars, however these aren't just any cars. They are all vintage cars. Let me tell you they are so much fun to go and look at. I would take a fully restored vintage car any day over the new cars of today. Old cars have such beautiful shapes and lines and curves. So much nicer to look at than the cookie cutter vehicles of today.  We had fun with the girls. We were even able to listen to Davy from the Monkeys perform while we walked around and looked at the cars. Sloan loved the music. I love family time and this has become a silly little family tradition. 

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