Thursday, August 21, 2008

Newest Illustration

Here it is folks! The newest illustration. I will be adding it to the shop tonight when the little ones go to bed. 

I hope to add at least one or two more pictures of this in a frame before the day is through. Before I go I just wanted to tell you about the kindness of a fellow blogger. Dana from the blog Old Red Barn and Co. was kind enough to offer her creative computer talents and made me an Etsy banner with the above illustration. I wanted something a little more fitting for the upcoming fall season and she did a beautiful job. She just volunteered her time and talent and helped me out more than she will ever know. I am not very good at navigating my Mac yet, need to play around on it a little more. So this random act of kindness is very much appreciated. If you haven't visited her blog lately you should stop by and say hello. Hope everyone is having a wonderful day. I look forward to having another giveaway hopefully by next weekend. Happy Friday everyone!

1 comment:

Bunny B said...

Super adorable! I love it :) Have a great weekend!