Saturday, August 23, 2008

Aris' First steps

I wanted to post a little snippet on this the other night, but things have been busy. My little Aris will be 14 months this week and she still isn't walking. She is just a late bloomer on everything. Plus she is still super tiny for her age. I still can dress her in some 3-6 month stuff. I jokingly call her my little elfin child. The other night all the girls and I were enjoying the backyard and what do you know, Aris took 4 steps! Not to me, but to her sissy Sloan. Sloan freaked out and was so excited that she was the first one Aris walked to. Since then Aris has taken a few more steps here and there. So she isn't officially walking yet, but very close. I am most excited at the fact that this winter, I won't have to spray and wash the knees on all her little sleepers, overalls, pants and dresses.  

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