Saturday, September 20, 2008

A gift from Firefly Hill

I am sorry it has taken me over a week to post on this. I broke down and bought another battery charger in the hopes that I would find the one I lost as soon as I got the new one. Now I can show you my newest treasures! These beautiful bags are from my friend Annie over at Firefly hill. I sent her some fabric a while back. I am embarrassed to say it took me 40 forevers to send it her way. I am also sad to say I wasn't able to find all the fabric I wanted to send her. There is more somewhere in our disorganized garage. Also to add to all my foibles, when thanking her for all these lovely bags I accidentally called her LORI! How ridiculous am I? Lori is my blog friend from Morning Glories & Moonbeams. Thankfully Annie forgave me. If you haven't visited her blog yet go and take a peak. Annie lives on a farm and makes the most amazing little bags. Her blog is very inspiring. I am a huge fan of color, and she spotlights the beauty of color all the time on her blog. 

Thank you so much Annie for all the lovely bags. My little Zoe still carries her pink bag around everywhere and Sloan carries all her diabetic supplies in hers whenever we head out the door. 


mysteryhistorymom said...

I am so flattered that you used my name.:) Annie is a sweetheart and I am so glad that you shared her blog with me. Now I consider her a friend, too! I want to go and live at her house! Her bags are GORGEOUS! I couldn't pick a favorite it I tried... Enjoy them, my sweet friend, you and your sweet girls are so deserving.:) Lori

Posey said...

I love the green and blue squares bag.

Firefly Hill said...

Hi Summer,

Thank you for this! I am so glad you all like the bags...and it was my pleasure to send them.

You asked about the couch/daybed on my blog...yes it is from Pottery Barn. I do like it but the thing is HUGE! I ordered it online and did not quite realize how big it was until it was delivered. I knew the measurements, but it just is so big in person. ( Note to self: dont order furniture online again! Go to the store and see in person!)
We call it the Shrek couch--big enough for Shrek and probably Fiona too!
Have a great Sunday!