Thursday, September 18, 2008

New to the Shop

Just a little note to let you know I added the first of the fall illustrations to my shop. More to come soon. Tonight I will start on the next of the fall series. Hope everyone is having an awesome day!


Dana said...

I look forward to seeing them!

sara ferrel said...

I LOVE the "Fwankenstein"!!!

Thanks for the watermelon last night, it was delicious!

As for the magazines... Tony is always giving his partner at work hell for having Justin Timberlake on his iPod. So Tony cut out all of the pictures of Justin Timberlake in that magazine you gave me, and is going to tape them up in the Loomis truck to tease his partner. hahaha!!


zana said...

They look wonderful Summer! I am painting tonight..another kid in hats and costumes bit.
Are you thinking of any names for us?! Talk to you soon!