Monday, November 3, 2008

Grampa David

Zoe and Grampa. They really were sleeping. That little furry thing under the blanket by Zoe' arm was an owl that Grampa bought Sloan. It just cracked me up that they fell asleep like this.

This was the busiest weekend. It was a weekend filled with a unique wedding of my very dear friend Kathe, a super fun dinner with friends, and a visit from Grampa David. Now let me start with a special fact. My girls have several sets of Grandparents, and my girls love them all so very much. Each and every visit from every grandparent is special. 
We love when David & Roberta come to visit. I wish Roberta could have come this trip. She is a very talented crafter and I am waiting for the day she can teach me how to knit. I miss you Roberta, hope to see you soon. 
David of coarse spoiled the girls (all the grandparents tend to do this) and I don't think the girls could get enough snuggle time with him. I can't think of anything on this earth that is more important than family. Words can't even express how much I love my family. It's this feeling in my heart, an ache, when I think of how much I love all of them. I am truly blessed. 
We are hoping to go to San Francisco to visit David, Roberta, and the girls before the end of the year. We can hardly wait. Thanks David for another lovely visit. Can't wait to see you guys in December.


Amy @ Park City Girl said...

You are blessed! Family is special and important - especially for the little ones :)

KKJD1 said...

What a great pic of Zoe and grandpa! What fun the wedding looks like, I would have never thought of such a fun wedding. And the leaf creatures I can remember making when I was a kid! Yall did have a busy weekend! Thanks for sharing it with us. Hope you have a great day! Blessings, Karen

mysteryhistorymom said...

What a precious picture! I think you should frame it.:) Lori