Monday, November 3, 2008

Leaf Creatures

I gave the girls Q-Tips to use for the glue. This is a trick I learned at the preschool I used to work at. So much easier than squeezing glue bottles, and the girls were able to control the amount they applied to the back of each leaf.

For Zoe this was a good project for building hand eye coordination. Sloan however really got the concept, not only did she make a few "leaf people" she made a leaf dog as well.

Look at that mischievous little face. Aris loves to buckle the belt to her booster seat. If I let her, she would do this all day long. 

When we left church yesterday the girls were freaking out about all the beautiful leaves that were on the ground. I told them they could take two leaves home each. At first I was like, just a few girls, visions of crunched leaves all over my kinda clean car. Then I thought to myself, wouldn't it be fun if they could make leaf people out of all these leaves? I am sure I looked a little crazy grabbing handfuls of leaves and throwing them into my front seat (yes there are still leaves in the front of my car, but they sure are pretty). Sloan thought I had lost my mind. "What are you doing Mom?" She asked. When I told her, she could hardly wait to start our art project. I always forget that it's usually the little things that entertain. My girls had a blast doing this little project. What are you doing with all of the lovely fall foliage around your home?


mysteryhistorymom said...

We made a leaf family last year and it was so fun! We had big and little sisters, a Mom, and a Dad. I may post the pictures again, just for fun.:) Lori

zana said...

Good mommy, you! I hope that you enjoyed the project as much as they did!

Artfulife said...

I was so pleased at myself for making ocd mommy take a hike and allow the fun to happen.

FamiLee said...

Such a great idea! Thanks! I will try this. I will look to see if you posted the girls "leaf people" on their pages.


Amy @ Park City Girl said...

I like being able to let go too! Our leaves have been drenched lately, but Ella did glue a bunch to a plate the other day . ..

Elissa said...

that is a great idea... including the glue trick! maybe this will entertain us during ellie's nap today! we have plenty of leaves... i've mostly been taking pictures of them!