Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Wedding & Halloween Fun

Me as the Witch & Jennifer as Frieda Kahlo

So silly, the Witch & Dorthy & the Cowardly Lion.

Carla & Sloan

This family was so cute. I loved the parents costumes. Still one of my all time favorite movies.

Was this not the greatest cake? It tasted wonderful. Red velvet cake with a cream cheese filling.

& they had the cutest yummiest food to eat. All of it had a Halloween theme.

My little Sloan and I. 

The groom as The bride of Frankenstein & the bride as Frankenstein. 

The wedding party did the dance to Thriller for the reception.

This was Kathe's mom and dad as The Devil wearing Prada & the dude from the Matrix.

I was sad that I missed my little Sloan trick or treating with Abby. I am so grateful that Kirstin took pictures of the whole event.

Oh, and I almost forgot! These are pictures of the lovely things that my swap partner Amy sent me (these pictures are from Amy's blog) She made almost everything. I have all of the items throughout my home and they are so very fun to look at. I will use them for many years to come.


mysteryhistorymom said...

Summer- What an amazing wedding! You looked fabulous!!! Love the cake and the refreshments, too. What a memorable evening!

LOVE your Fall swap goodies, too! Lori

Shay said...

WOW, what a Neat & FUN wedding!! Thanks for sharing! I loved the cake! Too cute!!

Very cute swap goodies too! Love all of it! Have a great day! :)

Elissa said...

wow.. a halloween wedding and crossdressing! that takes some balls ;-) looks fun though. have to guess that the couple is pretty fun if they were up for that! you looked pretty cool, btw...

FamiLee said...

That is the coolest wedding ever! I have never even heard of a Halloween Costume Wedding! Looks like a lot of fun! Thanks for sharing!

BTW,Dean better watch out when you wear that costume...or a spell may come over him! LOL! You looked great!

Artfulife said...

You are soo funny, I kind of thought I looked a little like a chunky Dolly Parton dressed up as a witch. I sure did have fun though. A funny little fact, the only people who payed any attention what so every were very old men, yup. Kinda funny.