Monday, January 12, 2009

Berkeley 4th St. Family Fun

This restaurant is a must if you visit Berkeley. Spengers fish Grotto. Wonderful service, eclectic atmosphere, and great company. Who could ask for anything more?

Grandpa David, Aris & Grandma Roberta waiting for lunch.

Roberta was such a trooper! She pushed that stroller the who time. I was able to look at two of the most amazing paper stores while she kept an eye on the kids. I will post about my paper finds tomorrow.

Aris in her new pink jacket. I was bummed that I had to buy another jacket for her. I had three at home. It is pretty cute though and a size 2. So it should fit her for a while.

Sloanie sporting her new do. Sorry guys, she just didn't want me taking a closer picture. She donated her hair to Locks of Love. I think it's such a worthy program. She was happy to help give someone without hair a wig.

I wish this had been more in focus. It is a picture of Sloan with her 12 year old Auntie Kim. She just loves hanging out with the big girls. It kind of makes me sad looking at this photo. They just grow up too quickly.

We tried to get Zoe to say hello to this guy.

She wasn't buying it.

Do you think they had fun?

We sure did. We were totally spoiled. How does a weekend full of Lobster, steak & clam chowder sound? Deans dad and Roberta fed us like we were kings and queens (Deans mom and Erik did too when we were in San Diego, so needless to say I really need to exercise.) Visiting Berkeley was so much fun. It was fun to see all the darling boutique's and little restaurants, the interesting people and the tree lined streets. It was super fun to visit with David and Roberta and the girls. I hope to see them again very soon.

It has been such a fun Thanksgiving, Christmas and January visiting Family and friends. As fun as it has been I am ready to get the girls back on their schedules, get started on my fitness goals (as I pop a Hershey kiss in my mouth) and get started on all the creative ideas I have floating around in my head.

I do have a couple loose ends to tie up. I entered a swap a few months back. A couple weeks after I signed up for it my sewing machine broke. I feel super bad about not sending my two swap partners something. My art goal this week is to finish up the swap outfits and post them by Friday. Did I mention Sloan got a sewing machine for Christmas from her Grandma Cindy? The nice thing is I can use it in the evenings when she is sleeping. Once I am done with all the sewing projects it's back to the ol' paper and scissors folks. 

I figured out that last year I averaged about one illustration a week. Not exactly the greatest, but better than no illustrations. My goal this year is at least two, or more if I am able. Two would make me super happy. I also have a website in the works and hopefully some upcoming giveaways. 

I am so inspired by all of you in blogland. I love seeing all the creative things you do while juggling family, children, jobs and all the other responsibilities of being an adult. Keep it up folks. You inspire me. Keep leaving all those lovely comments also. It has been such a blast meeting so many wonderful people through this blog of mine. If you haven't left a comment yet, please do. I would love to get to know you through your blog too. Have a lovely week, and happy creating!


Amy @ Park City Girl said...

Looks like a fabulous time! glad you got to go :)

mysteryhistorymom said...

Summer- It looks like you had the most amazing time, Sweetie! Yeah, for you! Sloan's hair looks darling! How sweet of her to donate her hair. Good to have you back! Lori

Artfulife said...

It is good to be back :)

zana said...

You had such a fun weekend!!!
Berkley is also home to Adrian Tomine(sp?) - he's mine and Jeff's favorite comic book artist.

Elissa said...

love seeing all these pics! i think i am going to email you.... too much to say ;-)

Amy @ Park City Girl said...

um I just tagged you - hope you don't mind :)