Monday, January 19, 2009

Whole Lotta Sewing Going on

Sloan is so excited about her new sewing machine (mom is too) It is challenging trying to teach her how to sew. She thinks she knows how to do it already. I am sure I probably was the same at her age. Today she actually listened. We had so much fun. She is working on cutting out the squares for her quilted bag that she wants to make.

It came from this amazing little book/kit that I picked up in San Diego at the Amvet thrift store. It's now our little tradition to go every time we are in San Diego. All us girls go down there. This was brand new in the package. I got it for $1.95. It is very age appropriate, the people at Klutz are so smart about how they present the information. The book also came with a kit to get started on a few simple projects. it included fabric, batting, and other sewing notions.  Sloan was able to read and look at the pictures in the book and start working on the project with an idea of how it was all supposed to work. Then she informed me I was preparing the fabric incorrectly. Heehee. I informed her I know little tricks of the trade. A happy medium was found. She's a smart little cookie & I am sure she will be sewing great creations in no time.

While Sloan was prepping for her project, I was working on the other dresses. Assembly style is so much faster than one at a time.

This is what I finished up last night. Just added the last button on the back this morning. I used two eye hooks as the closures. The back button is for show. It looks just like the buttons on the front pockets. I used a vintage print I had purchased at a yard sale oh so many years ago. I am too embarrassed to say how many years I've been toting this fabric around. Yeah I know, the dress is being modeled by Pepito. I couldn't find our Madeline dolls.  

The dress is completely lined with a cotton muslin. It could even be worn reversed if you wanted a more simple look. It was kind of a bugger to remember how to sew lining into the garment. Especially since it's so small. I finally remembered so the rest of the dresses should go a little smoother. Hopefully. I don't know if people would even be interested in buying something like this for their little girls. I am hoping to have pictures of the other dresses soon. This little dress will be going to my ever patient swap partner. 


mysteryhistorymom said...

I love the day that you spent together with Sloan! Such memories you are making.:) People would definitely be interested in buying darling little doll clothes! The outfit is precious! (Pepito is a good sport!) Lori

Jenn said...

Sloan is such a cutie!! I want her darling hair:) I can't think of anything more wonderful than a mother and daughter sewing together! Loved the peeks into your home too! I seriously heart that painting over your dresser and is that the big ikea black oval frame in the hall?...ADORABLE!

happy week to yoU!! xoxo...jenn

Elissa said...

ok. GREAT PICS. and those dresses are adorable. you got SKILLS, girl ;-)

Artfulife said...

I got that frame from a friend a a couple years back. Its a vintage gold frame that I sprayed black. It used to be a mirror.

Ruth said...

I have had so much fun visiting your blog. I love your room. How great that your daughter wants to learn to sew.
I love to read to my kids,too. They are older now and I still read to them almost everyday.
I love books, especially ones we find at the thrift or used bookstore.

sara ferrel said...

I love Sloans hair!!! I'm going to call you later this morning... xoxox

Amy @ Park City Girl said...

Ella's the same - thinks she already knows all there is to sewing . . . glad you had a great time together! Dolly dresses are super cute :)