Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Little Muddin'

Dean's still working on skimming the kitchen walls. Zoe loves to help her daddy, and thankfully Dean is a good sport about it. I think it's such an important thing, to let our kids help us with tasks around the house. I feel it gives them such a sense of self worth and confidence. It's really not all that much work to fix the things they did incorrectly or show them how to do it properly for the next time. Zoe loved helping Dean. She was covered in mud, and got it all over my towels in the bathroom. I seriously didn't mind. She was so happy with herself, and that's what counts.


Elissa said...

i have pics of tate in undies and rainboots too. what is up with that? maybe we should set them up! love the pics though, summer, the sunlight in that room and them working together... lovely. that feels like such a contented moment. and so fun to see the progress. can't wait to see what you decide to paint it!

Zana said...

The last picture is frame worthy. It so captures childhood~ When is that kitchen of yours going to be
Call me girlfriend (wouldn't it be weird if I really talked like that?!)

Amy @ Park City Girl said...

It's getting closer! :) Love your pics

FamiLee said...

I am so excited about your kitchen coming along! 2009 is the year!

I too love to have the kids to help...I believe that the sense of ownership that they feel is worth every minute of re-do's.

Sometimes my hubby will have them pound nails in wood, and tell them it is a very important task to learn...while he works on areas that can only be done by an adult.

Good Moments in Time!

Anonymous said...

I adore that last pic in her undies. She's just so stinkin cute! See you Sunday! Jen

The Vintage Sister Studio said...

We should all be so lucky to wear flowered undies and rainboots to work:) I'll bet she did a great job too!

sara ferrel said...

How cute!!! I've mudded the walls in our house in my underwear too. Hehe.

You must send me the Shepherd's Pie recipe when you get a chance!