Friday, February 6, 2009

Swings and Progress

Dean surprised the girls with this swing.

Even though it was freezing cold and raining outside, they just couldn't help themselves. I do so look forward to warmer (not hotter) days. Dean took a huge load of scraps from the remodel to the dump today. If anyone has ever seen or been to our house, we have a very embarrassing pile of junk behind our garage. All the remnants of the many home projects Dean has worked so hard on. I have made a few subtle hints lately about how much it drives me crazy. What a guy he didn't have to work today because they are waiting for the tile to come in for a job he's working on. So he stayed home and mudded the walls one more time, cleaned up the junk pile, and tonight he did this......................

What's this? A hopper. What does it do you ask?



Zana said...

yea! texture!
The swing looks fun!

Amy @ Park City Girl said...

What a guy!