Saturday, February 28, 2009

Names & A Shop Update

I would like to introduce you to "Little Miss Red Bird"

She is the sister of the cute but shy "Valentine Birdie" (her close friends call her Val)

Their sister "Little Miss Sprinkles" is the queen of ice cream parties

"Benny & June" just tied the knot. I hear they are having a fabulous time setting up the new nest

Benny was a little sad to leave his best friend and brother "Buddy Bird" but it was time for both of them to follow different paths. They still talk at least once a week. SOLD!

Birds of a feather flock together. I think they are a lovely little bunch of birds. If you are interested in giving any of them a home, you can find them here


KKJD1 said...

Love your birdie names. I will keep you and Sloan in prayers. PLease keep us updated on her Dr. reports. Blessings,Karen

Artfulife said...

Thanks soo much for your kind thoughts and prayers. I will keep you posted.

Elissa said...

oh summer... love your birds! we have been so sick and are just emerging from our cocoon. thanks for sharing these before they fly off!

The Blonde Duck said...

Those are so cute!

Simply Sweet Marriage said...

My favorite is Benny and June, of coarse!

Ruth said...

These are precious.
Love all the birdie names.

TaMs* said...

cute cute.

Penny said...

They're all so cute!